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The 6 Signposts: Radasevich

No description

Julia Radasevich

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of The 6 Signposts: Radasevich

Our path to The Outsiders
The 6 Signposts
The Outsiders
Let's Review......
What does it mean?
Tough Questions
What does it mean?
Aha Moment
Words of the Wiser
Again and Again
Memory Moment
“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”- Dr. Seuss
Contrast & Contradictions
Aha Moment
Tough Questions
Again & Again
Memory Moment
Words of the Wiser
What is a contradiction?
When a character says or does something that’s opposite (contradicts) what he/she has been saying or doing all along
Contrast & Contradictions
What do we do, as a reader, when we come across a contradiction?
Ask yourself: Why would the character act/feel
the way that they do?
Now let's try something a little different.....
When you're reading and the character asks a really difficult question.
Stop and ask yourself.....
What does this queston make me wonder about?
Also called an internal conflict.
Think about it this way.....
You hear about a party but you aren't invited. You ask yourself, "Why'd I get left out?"
Suddenly a character realizes, understand, or finally figures something out.
Ask yourself.....
How might this change things?
Moment when you realize something, and that realization, in some way, changes our actions.
All Tough Questions lead to an Aha Moment!
Aha Moments
Authors often put Tough Questions in italics
What does it mean?
A character (who is probably older and a lot wiser/smarter) takes the main character aside and gives serious advice
Ask yourself.....
What's the life lesson and how might it affect the character?
1. What advice/knowledge does Dumbledore give to Harry? What is the life lesson?
2. What does Harry do with this advice?
Harry's tough question: Why couldn't Voldemort kill me?
1. What Tough Question is Simba facing?
2. What advice does Raffiki give? What is the life lesson?
3. What does Simba do with this advice?
Vienna by Billy Joe
What life advice is he giving the listener?
"The Suncreen Song"- a graduation speech set to music
What life advice is the speaker giving?
What does it mean?
When you notice a word, phrase, object, or stuation mentioned over and over.
Ask yourself....
Why does this keep showing up againa and again?
What does it mean?
When you're reading and the author interrupts the action to tell you a memory
Ask yourself....
Why might this memory be important?
The flashbacks tell you about the theme, conflict, or might foreshadow what will happen later in the story.
What triggers the memory moment? What do we learn in this memory moment that is important to the rest of the story?
What do we learn in this memory moment that is important to the rest of the story?
Now you try:
Write your own Memory Moment. Start with the "now" and make a flashback. You can tell the memory moment to someone else or use your inner thoughts.

Be sure to include what leads up to the memory moment and what follows it. Your classmates should be able to know/say why you used the memory moment and why it was important.

Here are some ways to start (feel free to make up your own as well):
1. You are explaining to a teacher why you don't have something done
2. You tell a friend how you got a scar
3. Reflecting on what you did over the weekend
4. Thinking back to something you did as a kid
5. "What I did over the summer....."
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