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The Most beautiful thing - By Cameron Covell

No description

Jordan Rivett

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of The Most beautiful thing - By Cameron Covell

The Most beautiful thing - By Cameron Covell
Content and Meaning
Content: The film involves a teenager who thinks that a girl he likes a school is ignoring his attempts to talk to her, only to find out later that she is deaf. After this the begin communicating by writing in their own special notepad whenever they see each other. As they grow closer together the films main character encourages his girlfriend to talk for the first time in public.

Meaning: The film is intended to be an uplifting story about how two people can put their differences to one side put their love first.
Genre and Audience
Genre: The short film is a romance and is kept very simple so nothing is distracting from the film's two main characters.

Audience: The audience for this short film is mainly aimed at a number of different groups of people. These include 15-25 year olds, who are the most likely to view the film via the internet, the film is also aimed at those going to film festivals as well as general film enthusiasts.
Frequency and Production process
Frequency: This short film is a one-off occurrence at the moment, but may be expanded on in the future should those involved choose to do so.

Production process: The short was filmed using a Canon 60d and was edited in Final cut pro 6.
This short film is created in a very professional style is something I can take into account when I make my own short film. This quality of short film gives me something to aim for when I make my film, as well as taking inspirational elements to affect my short film.
Purpose & Form and Style
Purpose: The short film was created for both viewing on the internet as well as for various film festivals, one of which it won an award at. The film won the 2012 LACHSA Moon dance best film award.
Form and Style: The film is shown in chronological order and is focused on two characters, despite the large amount of characters included in the short, this means that the short's narrative is focused on the two main characters; Brandon and Emily and how they impact each other after they meet. The director has used a very professional cinema style, this is because the film was created for a film festival. This extra effort was justified when the film won the 2012 LACHSA moon dance best film award and best film award.
Editing: The director of this short uses various different types of lighting in the film to set the tone and the mood of each scene. Such as the outdoor scenes which uses the natural light in the upbeat scenes when the pair first meet. However, the scenes using the artificial lighting whilst Brandon is asking Emily about why she does not try talking. The director also utilizes various camera angles such as; over the shoulder, close-up and extreme close-up.
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