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Marco Polo's Adventures

Marco Polo by: Michalyn Hiltz

Nicholas Southern

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Marco Polo's Adventures

The Adventures of Marco Polo Born: 9-15 1254
In Venice, Italy

Died: 1324(?)
Died: 1324 1271- Marco gets invited to China by Kuablai Khan died: 1324 (?) born; 9-15 1254
Venice,Italy 1275- Marco is appointed
as the envoy to Kuablai Khan 1292- Marco gets married to Princess Cocachin ( Golden Bells, because of her sweat voice) Marco's father as Nicolo Polo Marco's uncle was Maffeo Polo Nicolo Polo,Maffeo Polo, & Kubalai Khan Marco Polo Polo's arive in CHINA MARCO'S JOURNEYS TH E END 1271 Marco Polo accompanies his father and uncle on a journey through the Holy Land, Persia and Tartary and to the Empire of China
Would you like to see where he went?
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