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JOU 1- UNIT 1 (cont.)

Megan Naughton

on 19 August 2011

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Transcript of Themes

Yearbook Themes What tools are used to develop a theme? What is a theme? Does your
theme work? It's a good theme if you can answer "yes" to each of these questions: A strong theme helps tie the book together and sets the scene for the telling of the story of the year. A yearbook's theme has two components:
1) The verbal tagline or what the theme says
2) The visual presentation or how the theme looks is important too Staffs can present theme through copy, photography, design, graphics, color, story content, and book organization Where does it appear in the book? Title Page Opening
Spread Divider Cover Endsheet Content
Pages Closing Is your theme recognizable? Is your theme repeatable? Is your theme relevant? Does it set the scene for the story of the year?
Does it work as a framework for the whole book?
Could it be placed on a bumber sticker or t-shirt and be understood? Can it be repeated on every theme spread and continue to add to the story of the year without being forced?
Does it lend itself to story topics and layers of supporting coverage in every section? Does it help tell the unique story of your school this year?
Does it capture the emotion and attitude of the school this year? Is your theme refreshing? Is your theme realistic? Is it different from last year's theme?
Is it contemporary and reflective of the current student body? Is it appropriate for the school, students, and year?
Will the staff be able to develop and maintain the theme throughout the year without it becoming stale? How can we implement this year's theme (VHS Defined) throughout the book?
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