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americas garbage

No description

zach bererton

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of americas garbage

How much garbage does america produce? the average American produces about 4.4 pounds (2 kg) of garbage a day... a total of 29 pounds (13 kg) per week.. or 1,600 pounds (726 kg) a year! all of this comes from just one person.
if you take americas population of 307 006 550 and multiply that by 726 pounds you get.. 222 886 755 300 kg of GRABAGE!!!! so what do you do with all that garbage?!? well you could fill garbage trucks with it! what a great idea huh? but that is a lot of grabage trucks... but thats just one day. its not that bad right? but how about a weeks worth of grabage? how about a years worth?! thats enough garbage to send a whole line of grabage trucks to the moon!! Or you cover the state of Texas two and a half times. all with just one years worth.. of Garbage.
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