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Vietnam War Draft Dodgers.

No description

Rose Lorenzana

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Vietnam War Draft Dodgers.

How did they react to the war?. FAMOUS DRAFT DODGERS VIETNAM DRAFT DODGERS Who were the Draft Dodgers?. Draft Dodgers were men (ages 18 and above) who ran away or claimed to be "morally unfit" to join the military (health issues, other behavior...or homosexuality) .___. They reacted by fleeing! They did not want to go to war, they didn't want 'Personal Responsibility' in some cases. BIll Clinton
Jimi Hendrix
Rush Limbaugh >_< Many fled to Canada, the Canadian Border guards were told not to ask many questions (or none at all!) **the many who fled to Canada, faced prison sentences if they returned home. A total of 209,517 men were charged with violating draft laws. While another 360,000 were never formally charged. ** >_< Cody Cost, Shelby Slone, Rose Lorenzana DATES AND NUMBERS About 100,000 Americans went abroad in the late 1960s and early 70s to avoid being called up for duty
90% went to Canada and got accepted as legal immigrants
An estimated 50,000 draft dodgers settled permanently in Canada
January 21, 1977 president Jimmy carter pardons draft dodgers
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