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Harlem Renaissance

No description

Kimberly Saginario

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Harlem Renaissance

The early 20th century Aaron Douglas Winold Reiss James VanDerZee Palmer Hayden Archibald Motely Jr The harlem renaissance
and AARON DOUGLAS WINOLD REISS Friends and colleagues who specialized in depicting African American life in Harlem Their style was flat and geometric: not unlike Art Deco Renaissance means rebirth
The U.S. was trying to reinvent itself and separate itself from the old European countries of WWI
Artists and writers would collaborate
portrait of langston hughes
By Reiss Portrait of a poet who was important figure in the HR movement
Flat and geometric, like art deco
The background displays motifs that were popular in art deco and the HR: music, movement, city life, culture ma bad luck card By Aaron Douglas Limited pallete
Stong geometrics
Central figure is strong
Lack of detail
Because there is a lack of detail the painting is timeless because there is no detail to date it
Central character is in profil view and in silhouette harriet tubman By Aaron Douglas Harriet is a strong central character
Depicts a struggle
Strong geometrics again
Limited color palette again
Limited details again
Cetral character is in profile
Central character is a silhouette
photographs of james van der zee VanDerZee operated a portrait studio in Harlem. Focused on capturing the details of everyday life in Harlem and also captured the contemporary VanDerZee captured the funeral of Marcus Garvey:
the founder of the United Negro Improvement Association "Couple in a Raccoon Coat"
Captures a couple in finery.
Proud of their car and their
expensive clothes.
The couple is stylish &
"Black Cross Nurses"
Part of the UNIA. Modeled after the Red Cross.
Captures the action on the street of Harlem

VanDerZee also photographed the decaying buildings in Harlem as a form of documentation PALMER HAYDEN Also photographed the details of everyday life in a "folk style".
In "A Midsummrt Night in Harlem" Hayden tried to capture the
life of "the folk". Some critics praised this style while some criticized it because he used exaggerated facial features that white people used in portrayals of African Americans. Hayden argued that "it was with
affection that he portrayed the people he knew growing up infused with a sense of humor in an attempt to portray "the folk"
A Midsummer Night in Harlem archibald motley jr His style was not geometric or folk, but he still portrayed
every day life in Harlem. Spoke of the tension between
whites and blacks

Who is this woman
and where is she? your assignment View A Raisin in the Sun and complete viewing guide
While watching, predict a struggle that the family will face after the end of the movie.
Portray this struggle in an Aaron Douglas style painting
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