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New Brandcom AOP


Your Prezis

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of New Brandcom AOP

Separate elements
Extremely colorful timeline with dynamic movement. Easy to adjust so you can fill in your own storyline. Watch the nice checkered background!
Our story
so far...
Level 2
Even when we’re delivering great value, users
are not proud of owning a Reliance connection
We are not in the same league as competition
We are not retailers favorite brand
bullet 1
bullet 2
Thank you!
create your own...
For Reliance Mobile

Honest: ‘Reliance is straightforward, honest and always tells me the whole truth’

Human: ‘Reliance is like a friend to me, always warm, approachable and understanding’

Young: ‘Reliance is refreshingly young, exciting and full of life’

Innovative: ‘Reliance is always a step ahead and delights me with new ideas’

Brand Values and Personality

For Consumers

Trust: ‘I trust Reliance as it always tells me the complete truth’

Assurance: ‘Reliance assures me of the best quality in products and services’

Personal: ‘Reliance understands my needs and gives me exactly what I want, the way I want it’

Brand Benefits
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