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Star Wars and Transcendentalism/Romanticism

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Jules Fenneuff

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of Star Wars and Transcendentalism/Romanticism

Romanticism - inherent darkness in human nature vs inherent light
Romanticism - internal world aspect
Transcendentalism - concern with journey of the mind
Traits of Transcendentalism and Romanticism
Works Cited
Internal World
Dark vs Light

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Journey of the Spirit
strong emphasis on using "the force"
the force is essentially moving things with your mind, sending your spirit out rather than your actual body
similar to telekinesis
throughout training, Luke consistently gets frustrated by his not being able to use the force, which is when Yoda steps it
the Star Wars world was set off planet, elsewhere space, Luke's home planet is that of Tatooine
special effects were ahead of their time; created his own special effects studio Industrial Lights and Magic in 1975, this contributed to jaw-dropping, never before seen studio effects (Industrial Lights and Magic)
his ideas were so unthinkable and unheard of that he couldn't use just what was available to him
Lucas idealized technology and in a way upgraded what technology they had at the time (space ships that could fire and be controlled like airplanes, "flying cars" aka Landspeeders) and created some pieces that were pure imagination (light sabers), also explored options that we are still working on (robots, cloning, freezing)
inspired by 1958 Japanese movie The Hidden Fortress by Akira Kurosawa and The Hero With A Thousand Faces, a 1949 book by Joseph Campbell
original idea was to remake the "Flash Gordon" serials (like tv shows but at the movie theatre) but couldn't get a license
Star Wars contains many ideas similar to those shown in The Hidden Fortress
The Hero with a Thousand Faces "gave Lucas... a final major story direction"
Lucas claims the Lord of The Rings helped him learn how to handle myths and develop characters

Star Wars
, Wookipedia)
created by George Lucas
another famous movie project of his was Indiana Jones
created the George Lucas Educational Foundation
deep interest in science and fantasy
interested in myths
interested in comic books, especially "Flash Gordon" as a child
passion for car racing; accident helped him realize he wanted to do something extraordinary with his life
attended University of Southern California film school, developed a passion for it, school projects were based on his childhood interests
George Lucas
, Filmmakers)
George Lucas
, Bio)
Star Wars and Transcendentalism/Romanticism

Jules Fenneuff

emphasis on Jedi vs The Sith
the Sith is essentially the "bad," and the Jedi are idolized as the "good"
Jedi can be tempted by the power they obtain when training to be a Jedi and then, in their search for power, join the Dark Side
the Sith rule through terror, the Jedi focus on trying to lead people to do what is good
Sith concentrate on what will benefit them the most
Jedi are more logical; try to do what will benefit people as a whole
skyline of the Imperial Center Coruscant
Luke's home planet of Tatooine, showing the two moons
Han Solo's Millennium Falcon YT-1300
an X-Wing Starfighter
lightsabers, used similarly to swords
Droideka, a malicious robot
the infamous "force choke"
Count Dooku choking Obi-Wan Kenobi
Jedi council meeting
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