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Self Care

No description

Kyle O'Neill

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Self Care

Self Care
Know Thyself
In the same way we ask you to check in with residents, you should also take time to check in with yourself. Are you taking quiet time to reconnect with yourself? To take care of your body? Of your mind?

While there are some universal rules to self care there is not a one-size-fits-all plan. Effective self care habits are highly personalized. What calms you? What energizes you? What do you need to feel most engaged with the world around you?
Use Campus Resources
Remember you are a student and your use of the wellness center, health center, counseling center, etc. not only serves as good role modeling, but helps you manage your stress.
There will be times when, despite your best efforts to be organized, you will be swamped with work. You work in a team for a reason, let someone else help you. Don't forget to return the favor.
Diet, Sleep, and Hydration Habits Affect how You Function

Erratic sleeping habits, eating junk food, being dehydrated all have been proven to adversely affect mood, productivity, comprehension, energy levels, etc. By regularly making healthy choices, you’re choosing to be the best employee you can be.

Stress Reduction
“You must place the oxygen mask over your face before you can help someone else put their oxygen mask on.” –Airline safety instructions

Re-energizing is Crucial
It is as important to make sure that you are mentally and physically able to do the CA job as it is to know how to fill out an incident report. You are the key. Plan breaks to take care of you.

Find the Balance
Creating a system and routine to help you bounce back and forth between all your obligations also helps you isolate time to put your obligations aside and relax.
Mental Stimulation
Finding time to relax is important, but if you don't feel like you're making meaning from the work that you're doing or what you're studying to do you are going to encounter problems. Taking quiet time for yourself, eating healthy, and exercising will not help you be engaged if you lack enthusiasm. If you're struggling to see how you make a difference, work with your staff and RD to help you make that connection (the Engagement presentation will help you gain some ideas about what we think a CA's purpose should include).
Sometimes the discomfort we're feeling is because we haven't been productive. Laziness can feel good for a little while, but if you take too much time before you accomplish something again you'll actually feel discomfort and stress. You may start to think that you need more time to relax when you actually need to be productive. Do not underestimate how much peace of mind can be accomplished from crossing things off your "to do" list.
This is how we make the mundane fun, the ritual exciting. However we must exercise this skill (note that creativity is a skill, not a talent) to be able to use it effectively. You do not need to create for others, but you do need to practice regularly.
Feed Your Wonder
Classes do a lot to help your brain grow but that doesn't need to be the end of your learning. Watch documentaries and read books for pleasure! The world is a fascinating place; make space to explore what interests you.
Try this fun website: selfhugexperiment.tumblr.com
Make space to list creative outlets: painting, free writing, photography, poetry, musical instruments, knitting, doodling, etc.
Discussion Questions
What usually keeps you from taking time to care for yourself?
What's the best self-care advice you've ever been given?
What new practices would you like to start?
What do you do to keep yourself curious about the world?
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