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Magic Disk Tactics

No description

tom crabbe

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Magic Disk Tactics

Magic Disc Tactics Magic disks known as boot disks can be download from the internet. Magic disks can be used to restart a computer and subvert the operating system. Some magic disks can be used to resolve viruses and trojans, a magic disk could be use to relove these issues is the Ultimate boot CD. The untimate boot CD can also be used to relove hardware and operating system failures. A computer can boot up from a USB, CD/DVD or a floppy disk. Boot options can be chnaged in the BIOS settings, most computers are set to the default boot setup which is CD/DVD this can be used to a hacker advantage and saves a hacker a considerable amount of time and effort.

Another type of magic disks can be used to scan hard drives in order to find SAM files, sam files can contain ursernames and paswords. If SAM files are found the disk will use analysis techniques known as rainbow tables in order to find the computer administrator password.

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