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Greece Power Standards - Math

No description

Eric Blask

on 14 March 2012

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Transcript of Greece Power Standards - Math

Objectives: To draft a set of "power priority indicators" (PPI) for each grade level in K-12 math using current NYS Math Content Performance Indicators.
To identify vertical alignment of the PPIs in thos drafts.
To develop a "roll out" plan with further questions for all district teachers to provide feedback on this draft for further revision.
To analyze the focus on PPIs in our current curriculum maps.
To plan District common assessments using PPIs. State
Standards District
Curriculum Frantic Coverage
of Every Test
Objective Potential
Curriculum and Test Objectives FOCUSED
Curriculum and Assessments 747 55 67 90
104 74 67
56 Are these all absolutely vital? Power/Priority Indicators Your house is on fire. You have to get out of the house now.
What do you take with you? Not a curriculum,
a Safety Net! 3 Key Filters... Success in School
Success in Life
Success on State Test
Nice to Know
Essential/Safety Net
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