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Class Dojo and PBIS: How To Promote Positive Behavior Throughout the Building

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Andrew Parece

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of Class Dojo and PBIS: How To Promote Positive Behavior Throughout the Building

Class Dojo and PBIS: How To Promote
Positive Behavior Throughout The Building

What is PBIS?
What is ClassDojo?
A real time behavioral management tracking tool
It helps teachers improve behavior in their classroom quickly and easily so they can spend more time on high-quality instruction
Captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators
Students can track progress while parents monitor behavior
So how can I use ClassDojo to support PBIS?
Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports
Teach, model, and reinforce appropriate behaviors
Involves all staff (classroom teachers, ancillary staff, paraprofessionals, security, and administration)
Every area of school (classroom, lunch, recess, auditorium, etc.)
Stop reacting to specific misbehavior by implementing punishment strategies like reprimands, loss of privileges, referrals, suspensions, etc.
Focus on desired behavior instead of a response to misbehavior.
In essence, acknowledge and commend positive behavior
Example Matrix. General Rules of Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible
As of now, ClassDojo only supports individual accounts and not school-wide accounts
Until this changes, a temporary work around is the same account/email address for every teacher to use
Each homeroom teacher can have their own classroom with all their students
Give away more positives than negatives. Announce when giving away positives but do not let students know when taking points
Hold monthly reward days for students who achieve a certain percentage or number of points
Non-monetary rewards like jeans day, homework passes, lunch with a teacher, etc.
Talk to students who did not achieve certain percentages/points and go over reason why and ways to improve
Potential Issues
Special Education students should be in a separate class on Dojo since we cannot "share students" just yet
Be consistent with points. Try to give more positive points than negative points
Make sure all teachers know how to use the program properly. Have a norm for your school.
Stay alert for a school edition of ClassDojo.
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