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Caroline F

on 20 June 2015

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Transcript of BYOT^4 CLub

Uses of Technology in and out of the Classroom:
Note taking
Airplay student work
Assign projects using apps such as iMovie
Activities during class require notes

Technology in Learning
Frequently Used Apps
A note taking app that allows you to record, upload pictures/documents, and annotate.
An app that allows teachers and students to interact. It is used to post agendas for class, homework, projects, etc.
Anything is always accessible
Students learn skills they will need the rest of their lives
Don't have to take books home
Sometimes there are technical difficulties
Not all students have access to technology at home
Students don't always do what they say with their technology

Monday, June 29, 2015
About BYOT^4 Club
What is BYOT^4 Club?
BYOT^4 Club is an after-school club for Hershey Middle School students that enhances students technology abilities and introduces students to helpful tips, tricks, and tools.
BYOT Club introduces apps that students may or may not have known about, and students get to learn how the app can help benefit their learning.
Introduction and knowledge of new apps learn
Application of BYOT skills to school, community, and personal projects
Early exposure to quality apps

Start a BYOT Club at your school to benefit students learning!
BYOT^4 Club
Hershey Middle School
Technology has many benefits to help learning. In school, we use iPads, computers, phones, other personal devices, etc. to enhance students learning. Most students have access to these outside of school too.
An app that is used to create trailers/movies for assignments
Pros and Cons of Using Technology
Benefits of BYOT Club
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