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Àyush Sharma

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of FINAL REVIEW

He Jia(Menelaus)
- Design Architect

Yinan Cheng(Andy)
- Manufacturing and Sustainability Consultant

Ayush Sharma
- Knowledge and Communication Manager

Group : 5
Manufacturing & Sustainability
Fabrication Strategy
Please Scan The Code
For The Website

Curve surface
Fabrication technique for curve surface
Choice 1
Timber frame
Timber ribs
ContemPLAY pavilion, McGill School of Architecture
Create the slider to manipulate the scale of the base curve
This is our first choice of fabrication strategy.

Timber frame will shoulder the weight of whole pavilion.

Timber ribs are assembled on the framework and create a natural facade.
Create the slider to manipulate the scale of the middle curve
But it needs steel joints to keep the whole pavilion stable.

And the fabrication process is relatively too complicated for us.
Create the slider to manipulate the control points on the curve
Choice 2
First step, triangulation the curve surface.

Then fold these triangles one by one.c

Create the ellipse
Create the golden ellipse
Divide the ellipse and choose the control points
Change points position to change the curve relate to our concept
use control points to rebuild curves
Move and copy the curve in Z unit to create 3 curves in different level
Loft to create the curve surface
Triangles system is more stable than other form such as rectangle grids.

Don't need extra structure, the curve surface can support itself.

Suitable for any kind of curve surface. Easy change in rhino and grasshopper.

Many kinds of materials can be folded ( Cardboard, plastic sheet)
Plastic sheet
In our case
Too fragile, can not be folded.
Can be folded, but it's not strong enough.
Also hard to connect between two sheets without overlapping.
Many choices.
Can be bended after heating,
high strength, stable. Sheets can be connected by chemical reaction.
Comparism between plastic sheets
PVC sheet
acrylic sheet
Relatively thin
More strength
Good toughness
More fragile
PVC sheets
(Polyvinyl chloride polymer)
PVC sheet can be bended by using strip heater
How can we stick 2 PVC sheets together by a small contact
Easy opration
High bonding strength
Fixed within 25 minutes
PVC glue
Waterproof, corrosion resistance c
Glue gun
PVC glue
PVC is a synthetic material derived from natural resources (oil and salt) like CO2 emissions from production many others used in our modern world, and is one of the most scientifically investigated substances on the planet.

. ---- http://www.pvc.org/en/p/sustainability
A well understood material
Usefully durable and 100% recyclable

More than half of all PVC products are long life products with service lives of over 15 years.
PVC sheet
Step 1. Triangulation
Change the result shape of grasshopper to triangulation.
Step 2. Group
Group all the triangles along one vertical line. We can get a panel which is based on a curved surface.
After grouping all these triangle surfaces, we will have 33 vertical panels.

Step 3. Unroll
Pull one panel out and unroll this curved surface.
Step 4. Number
Number each point of this panel. We will have the same points on folded panel and flat panel.

The same way applies on whole 33 vertical panels.

Step 5. Order
Place them in an order.

Step 6. Output
Number every unrolled panel (1-33) in Sketchup. We can output them into CAD and send them to laser cut.

After bending the panels into the shape we what.
Use PVC glue to stick each panel together.

This is the auxiliary fixed ring at the top and bottom of the vertical panels. Create a groove on one pipe to inset each panel.
Connect every pipe and assemble them at the right position.

Our pavilion may look like this shape.

Shape Change
Making it more parametric
Use of affordable material
for construction
Focused on creating a
gathering space inside
More suitable for the
location i.e. for the campus
Considerably low cost of
Construction without any
need of professionals

A Rendering @ Abercromby Square
Use 3 Parametrically controlled curves
Use Loft command to create a surface in Grasshopper

Create the slider to manipulate the scale of the top most curve
Create the slider to manipulate the height of the middle curve
PVC - pipe - fitting
Fix the PVC pipe rim onto a wooden base by using screw.
Frosted PVC Sheet
& Transparent PVC Sheet
Using DIVA for Parametric Design
the upper ellipse curve's length of the semiminor axis (unit: meter)
the middle ellipse curve's length of the semiminor axis (unit: meter)
Parametric: change some vital parameters to change the shape reasonable
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