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Product and Brand Failures: A marketing perspective

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Alexandra Brojbeanu

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Product and Brand Failures: A marketing perspective

Brand Extension Failures: A marketing perspective
How far can you stretch your brands?
Colgate's Kitchen Entrees
What is a brand extension?
Brojbeanu Alexandra
Curelea Alexandra
group 933

Why did they fail?

general public could not get past the association of the brand with Colgate toothpaste
What went wrong
customers didn't come to Mc Donald's for pizza
the pizzas took too long to be made-and customers weren't willing to wait at a fastfood
Crystal Pepsi & Pepsi AM
Why didn't it work?

• too unfamiliar to win over customers
• People wanted their cola to be brown, as usual

BIC Underwear
Reasons of failure:
• There was no link between Bic’s other products
• the idea of buying intimate attire from a company that also produces pens apparently does not appeal to most women

Cosmopolitan yogurt
Why they failed:
• Tied yogurt to a media brand in an ineffective way
• it was higher priced than other brand yogurts

Brand extension tips:

1. Brand Extension Research
2. Parent brands should have a distinctive property
3. Think of using sub-brands
Brand extension:
refers to the expansion of the brand itself
occurs when a firm uses an existing brand name to introduce a new product
Comes in 2 forms:
line extension
(same category as the parent brand) and
category extension
(different category than the parent brand)
Thank you!
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