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Australia's Sport Links

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Hisham hoblos

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Australia's Sport Links

Sport is considered by some to be a national 'religion' or 'obsession' with its own opportunities for attracting business in Australia with sporting countries. In 1964, Donald Horne suggested that Australia's success at competitive international sport was even considered an important part of its foreign policy.
Australia is a proud and successful sporting nation. Sport is a big part of Australia's lifestyle and national identity. The increase in the global importance of sport has meant that Australia had made links with other nations in staging international sporting events.
Geo Focus 2 Stage 5 Van Zuylen, Trethewy, McIsaac

Australia's international sporting events
2000 Olympics (Sydney)
2006 Commonwealth Games
Helped Greece and China in helping their Olympic games
Australia's great sporting achievements
Australia's Sporting Background info.
Commonwealth and International Sport
Australia's sporting links map 2006
Australia's Sport Links

Australia's sporting ties are traditionally with the British Commonwealth countries. Many of Australia's most popular games including; cricket, tennis, rugby union and rugby league originated in the U.K. Recently, Australia has become more involved in international competitions. The soccer World Cup reflected our changing patterns of migration and culture in Australia. Basketball is another sport that has become more popular due to the cultural and sporting links between Australia and the U.S.
Government and non-government organisations involved
The Government's Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is responsible for managing funds and providing strategic guidance for sporting activity. The ASC is responsible for the Australian institute of Sport.
There are 3 NGO's related to Australian sport links:
Australian Olympic Comittee (AOC):- Protection and development of the Olympic movement and the preparation of the Olympic team.
Australian Sport Foundation Ltd. (ASF):- Assists the development of sport in Australia by raising funds
Sports Medicine Australia (SMA):- National body for sports medicine and sports science; acknowledged overseas as the world's leading multi-disciplinary sports medicine body
Treaties, governing bodies and/or legislation relating to this link
ASC is a governing body for Australian sport links.

The ASC Act was a treaty placed to improve participation in structured physical activity, excellence in sport performance and continued international success.
Social Justice and Equity
The ASC use strategies to display social justice and equity in their workplace:
Assissting their employees to balance work and family life
Developing cross-cultural awareness to prevent discrimination
Ensuring access and equity for those with a disability
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