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Copy of Organelles Working Together

No description

Carrie Ann

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Organelles Working Together

Endoplasmic Reticulum and Golgi Apparatus Organelles Working Together Nucleus and ER
The ER makes proteins and the nucleus holds the DNA of the cell. So Proteins are manufactured according to instructions encoded in the genes in the nucleus. These genes are now transcripted into RNA from DNA in the nucleus. The RNA then leaves the nucleus and interacts with ribosomes on the ER, which now links amino acids together to form protein chains. Cell Membrane and Lysosomes The cell membrane is a selective barrier on the boundary of every cell. Its function is to alllow the passage of oxygen,nutrients, and wastes to service the entire volume of the cell. The lysosomes are digestive organelles where macromolecules and other wastes are hydrolyzed by enzymes. There main function is to process the molecules taken in through the cell membrane and to recycle worn out cell parts. Endoplasmic Reticulum and Ribosomes The E.R gets the RNA from the nucleus and sends it to the ribosomes to to make proteins. The Rough E.R specializes in protein synthesis, which means the ribosomes will attach to the E.R and synthesize the proteins. Next, the proteins enter the lumen space (interior of E.R) where they can be modified. Lastly, the proteins are sent off to the lumen of the Smooth E.R. Nucleus and Ribosomes The nucleus is responsible for making the RNA, which is then sent to the E.R. Next, the E.R. sends the RNA to the ribosomes, where they link amino acids together to form protein chains. After ribosome synthesize proteins, the proteins are transported through the rough E.R. Then, proteins are enclosed in a vesicle and transported to the golgi apparatus, where processing,packaging, and transport of proteins is done. After the protein is processed, it will then bud off from the golgi apparatus (as vesicles) and transport to where ever it is needed. By: Whitney Rawlins
Carrie Ann Crook
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