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So what is RHA?

No description

Rebecca Wallace

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of So what is RHA?

What is RHA again?
Mission:The Residence Hall Association of Saint Louis University is comprised of a forum of student leaders dedicated to achieving the common goal of improving the community in which students live. As an organization open to all residents of Saint Louis University, we are committed to communicating with other student organizations and university departments, supporting the hall councils, and developing social and educational programs. By utilizing leadership, communication, programs, and legislation, we are driven to improve the on-campus community.
Right..... but what does that mean?
So now you're probably wondering...
What is my place in RHA?
Marchetti and GF
Marg &
The Flats
The Village
Community Building
Representing Students in on-campus housing
Representing SLU at National and Regional Conferences
Throughout the year both the e-board and hall councils put on programs for the on-campus residents
Building Community
Advocating Interests

Programs are activities put on by RHA to promote bonding and well-being in the halls
In the past we have put on events such as Midnight Breakfast, The Amazing Race: SLUStyle, and Bingo (just to name a few)
Some ideas for hall council events are:
- Pool parties
- How well do you know your roommate?
- Flag football tournaments
- "Your Hall"'s Got Talent
For more ideas and helpful tips on programming come to our session later!
RHA prides itself on being the voice for students who live in residents halls! We hope to be the people that students come to when they would like to see a difference on campus!
We have good standing relationships with:
- The Housing and Res Life Office
- Facilities
- Dining Services
Quick note: we still encourage students to follow through with the given order of things
For example: people should file a facilities request before talking to RHA if their sink is linking
Every year SLU goes to national and regional conferences for RHA (MACURH and NACURH)
Standing for Midwest Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls and National Association of College and University Residence Halls
These conferences allow us to bond as a group and gain new and exciting ideas for programming and other ways to better our organization
We really encourage you to consider attending these events (MACURH 2011 will be at Creighton University: October 28th to 30th)
Executive VP
Vice President of
and Finance
Vice President of Programming and Community Development
Vice President of Sustainability
RHA Liason
Responsible for attending bi-weekly RHA meetings
Presides over hall council meetings (including having a schedule for meeting)
Oversee other council positions
Aid president when (s)he needs assistance or is not able to be there
Help coordinate events
In charge of reserving rooms, ordering food for events, etc
Keep minutes of meetings
Assist RHC in keeping track of finance
Send out emails to residents about events
Come up with ideas for programming
Execute programs
Advertise for
all events
Come up with ideas for sustainable programs
Serve on SLU sustainablity
Make sure building is being as sustainable as possible
Come to bi-weekly RHA meetings
In charge of floor reps
Serve as voice from to students to RHA and visa versa
Consists of:
Executive Vice President:
Administrative Vice President
Financial Vice President
Vice President of Public Relations
Each hall council will have a e-board member assigned to them who will come to their meetings once a month
You're Invited: General Assemblies
Where: Baer Fuller Lecture Hall
Who: All Presidents and RHA Liasons
What: Time for us to discuss resident's concerns, upcoming programs, and new ideas
When: Every other Monday (7-9pm), starting September 26th
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