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MiHIA: Uniting for a Thriving Community of Health Excellence

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MiHIA Health

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of MiHIA: Uniting for a Thriving Community of Health Excellence

“In 2013, MiHIA was in the Top 10 Most Searched For out of 500 Categories
on the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce website.”

Choosing Wisely Campaign
Pre-Obesity Grant: MidMichigan Family Residency Program
MiHIA Health Dashboard
Data on the Dashboard

State Wide

Success Stories
Saginaw Hospital Referral
Region Costs Determined

Web-Accessible Reporting and Monitoring

Key Community Health Measures and Indicators with Benchmarks and Trends

Visual Reports on the Triple Aim Progress
1. Population Health
2. Cost of Care
3.Patient Experience
1. Education
2. The Right Care at the Right Time
3. Conversation between
doctors and patients
Campaign Highlights
1 of 9 Health Collaboratives
As a side benefit, we should see cost of care reductions.
30 “Partners”
MiHIA Choosing Wisely PSA
WCMU “Ask the Specialist”
SVSU’s School of Nursing
Beyond MiHIA Region

Objective: Diagnose and Effectively Treat
Trained 18 Resident Physicians and 9 Faculty Physicians

Treatment Program for 300 Children

Educational Initiatives


4th Annual Health Conference
180 Health and Health Care System Leaders

Transformation for Excellence and Accountability

National Speakers

Health Information Officers
Michigan Public Health Information
MERGE: MiHIA’s Newest Innovation
Pre-Diabetes Project
Fundraiser Recognition
Plan Impact

8. Prescription drug drop off locations
increased from 2 to 11
County Health Ranking Improvements
County Rankings Data

9. MiHIA's Goal: All 14 counties ranked in top half.
Together We Can/Community Transformation Grant
Saginaw Pathways to
Better Health

750 referrals to date
9. healthier friends and family members

Target enrollment: 1,740
17 Community Health Workers
6,000 client interactions
2013 Client Satisfaction Report
1. 88% were "happy" or "very happy" with service
2. 84% of respondents would recommend this service
1. 2013: Midland and Isabella – Top Quartile
2. 2013: Midland – Top 10 in Health Factor Performance
3. Clare ranked 82 out of 82 in 2010; by 2013, Clare rose to 75
4. 11 of 14 MiHIA Counties – better birth weights than state average
5. Our region ranked above state level for insured children and adults
6. Health Outcomes: Since 2011, 9 of 14 MiHIA counties improved
7. Special tribute: Clare, Isabella, Midland, and Sanilac
a. Clare: 82nd to 75th
b. Isabella: 33rd to 14th
c. Midland: 20th to 12th
d. Sanilac: 55th to 32nd
8. Health Rankings:
a. Iosco: 70th to 62nd
b. Huron: 24th to 19th
1. 9 partners in 33 school buildings
2. 50 worksites and 60 restaurants on board
3. 2 federally qualified health centers and 1 free clinic
4. Michigan Community Dental Clinic for uninsured
and Medicaid eligible
6. Regional multi-media anti-tobacco educational initiative
5. Gladwin Hospital and City of Gladwin paved River Walk
7. Teen pregnancy rate has gone down.
HPV vaccines have tripled
9. Clare County: 82 to 72
10. Isabella County: 42 to 14
MiHIA, University of Michigan, National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, SVSU
1 of 3 Residents
Less than 1% are aware
Fully developed plan; replicable model
1. prevent 450 cases of Type II Diabetes
2. eliminate 4,860 missed work days
3. avoid $2.74 million in healthcare costs
4. avoid blood pressure and cholesterol medications for 330 people
5. add the equivalent of 600 years of perfect health
6. lower insurance premiums and taxes
7. increased earnings
8. increased standard of living
Health Care Payments by Population Segments
MiHIA service area
MiHIA Service Area
MidMichigan Residency Program:

Informed and Targeted Care
13 Senior Residents x 400-600 Patients =
5200-7800 People Receiving Targeted Care
Challenges in the Health Care Field
Health Spending
Waste –the “health dividend” $750 B
Budgets Squeezed
Health Outcomes Unfavorable
Serious Safety and Quality concerns
Social Capital Erosion
Unsustainable systems

1999-2011 Cumulative Increases in: Health Insurance Premiums, Workers’Contributions to Premiums, Inflation and Workers’Earnings

How we combat the challenges
It is clear that chronic diseases are affecting social and economic capital globally

Mobilization of social forces and people outside of health systems is critical

Determinats of Health

“Poor health and disease impairs business performance by hampering individuals, communities and markets.
Research shows that companies that invest in health benefits form increased productivity and morale, as well as lower absenteeism and healthcare costs. Corporate engagement in health initiatives in the marketplace and community can also improve reputation and help companies find business opportunities.”

Why Care?
Age-adjusted Percentage of U.S. Adults Who Were Obese or Who Had Diagnosed Diabetes

Provision of the Common Pool
Multi-stakeholder collaboration and alignment

Systems approach

New models

Simultaneous focus on cost, quality and health outcomes

Courageously lead to a better future

Economic prosperity

Business success, jobs, wages,attract & retain business

Education/ infrastructure
Strong health care systems – maintain business, reduce leakage of healthcare out of the region; attract new business

Quality of Life
Business Success – costs, safety, human capital priorities (attract and retain talent, performance, engagement)

Local Implications
What Creates Health?
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