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Eco-Tourism in Armenian

No description

Roffi Petrossian

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Eco-Tourism in Armenian

Roffi Petrossian
I'm an American Armenian from Seattle, WA
I grew up hiking, camping
I have traveled through Europe and Australia
I have a degree in Environmental Studies
Republic of Armenia
29,743 km2 total area
as of 2011 there is a population of 3,018,854
Hayastan lore
Hayastan stands for the "land of Hayk", the legendary patriarch of Armenia
Armenia is at the foothills of Mt. Ararat, the place where Noah's Ark biblically landed
There is evidence of civilizations existing here, as early as 4000 BC
Yerevan is the world's oldest city to have documented the exact date of its foundation - the summer of 782 BC
The South Caucasus
Many altitude ranges and climatic gradients add to the diversity of the South Caucasus.
fast moving rivers
These landscapes, in turn, provide habitats for a diverse flora and fauna.
one of 34 global biodiversity hotspots, as defined by Conservation International.
Eco-Tourism in Armenia

Foundation for the Preservtion of Wildlife and cultural Assets
connecting community development and nature conservation with sustainable tourism
the shoe
The world's oldest shoe made of a single piece of leather was recently found in a cave in Areni, along with vessels for wine
The Plants
the animals
Armenia holds a large diversity of fauna, including the Wild Armenian Goat, Deer, Wild Ram, Leopard, Caucasian Bear (all endangered), lynx, wildcat, Reed Wildcat, Wild Bore, Porcupine, Squirrel, Jackal, Mole, Prairie Dog, Marten, Royal Stag and Nutria. Other species normal to vegetation zones elsewhere will be found in Armenia. Unique fish found in Armenia are the Ishkhan (red-spotted trout) and Sig. Most popular habitats for specific fauna are listed under each Region.
Armenia has over 3,500 species of plants, more than half of the 6,000 that can be found in the entire Transcaucasus region. While Europe has around 20,000 species, and the entire North American continent holds 40,000 species, with a total landmass of just under 30,000 sq. kilometers (about the size of Belgium), Armenias diversity and close proximity of so many different types of flora is often breath-taking.
galanthus artjuschenkoae
Tulipa sosnovskyi
Merendera mirzoevae
Panthera pardus saxicolor
Hyaena hyaena
Ovis ammon gmelinii
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