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New York

English Presentation

Lisa Cürten

on 15 January 2018

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Transcript of New York

New York City
Ellis Island Immigration Station
Staten Island
The five Boroughs of
New York City

stands on the Liberty island
was a present France
inaugurated: 28th October 1886
the symbol for Liberty

of New York City
Statue of Liberty
Empire State Building
General Facts
the capital of New York
Metropolis on the east coast
8.2 million inhabitants
consist of five boroughs
opened at 1st May 1931
443.2 meters tall
103 floors
15,000 people work there
the Bronx
many docks
one third of population black
the Yankees stadium
famous black bands and singers are from there
Google Images
students book English G 21 Cornelsen
lots of skyscrapers
economic center of New York City
wall street
New York Stock Exchange
got little "boroughs" f.e.: Chinatown,little Italy, ...
1,5 million inhabitants
many docks
one third of population black
high density houses and population
ca. 400.000 inhabitants
Staten island ferries -goes between Staten island and Manhattan
biggest Borough
ca. 2 million inhabitants
district for middle class
John f. Kennedy airport
11th September 2001
19 hijackers took over four US planes
flew into the twin towers of the world trade center
skyscrapers burned and collapse
about 2,750 people died
the place where towers stood is called "ground zero"
every year on 9/11 the Tribute of light remember the people who died
Ground Zero
Lisa Cürten
designed by:
is a National Monument and Museum
was opened from NYC in 1892
within sight of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Island
between 1892 and 1924: more than 12 million immigrants entered USA
The Bronx
Staten Island
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