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The American Presidency.

No description

Coralys Rivera

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The American Presidency.

Double click anywhere & add an idea The American Presidency. The Foundation. Defining The Presidency. Having rebelled against king george 111
The americans avoided a centralized
authority and placed most of the
power on the state.National authority
would be limited by establishing a weak
central legislature.Building the Nations that faced internal disputs and international affairs led to many to reconsider the role o a national governmant. The New Republic. We hold these truths to be
self-evident that all men are
created equal, Everyone had
the same rights.That among
that are life ,Liberty and
pursuit of happiness that to
secure these rights.Goverment
are instuted among men. New york city pulling down a statue
of king george 111 , on 1776. Continental Congress. The nation first governing body was the
continental congress established under the article
of confederation that were ratifield in 1781. Two-third
vote and change to the articles required unanimous consent.They
coined their own money, raised armies , and erected tariff barriers. Constitutional Convention. Many felt that the continental congress was to weak to resolve problems.
Congress reluctanly called for a convention to revise the article of confed-
eration.Every state except rhode island sent delegates / members of the
state made political establishment.In the end they created a new form of
goverment with three branches and checks and balances among them. The End ;) Now that the revolutionary
war was over the independe-nce from the british had been won. The united states now needed to know what to do with there freedom.The declaration of indepence that the new american goverment.
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