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Lilly Klein

memorie of the chidren who died in the Holocaust

Alondra Gonzalez

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Lilly Klein

1927-2003 The Hungarian government wouldn’t send its Jewish citizens to their death, but he did pass many injustice laws against them. In Austria, Lilly was forced to work to the point of total exhaustion. The food was scarce; those who couldn’t work were murdered or sent to the gas chambers. In March 1944, Lilly was a seventeen year-old student when the Germans Invaded Hungary. Lilly Klein was born on September 29,1927. Lilly was the daughter of Sara and Sandor Klein. She lived in the city of Debrecen, Hungary. Hungary was a staunch ally of Nazi Germany. At first the Germans did not invade the country, but urged the government to deport it's Jewish citizens to concentration camps Young men were sent to force labour camps, when this was happening Lilly was able to continue on her studies at her local Jewish high school until her seventeenth year. In 1944, German troops occupied the entire country with the help of Hungarian collaborators, they began to deport local Jews to concentration camps. Lilly and her family we rounded up and herded into a sealed-off ghetto, where they we kept for two months, the Germans began to send Jewish citizens to the Auschwitz Death camp. In the end of June, Lilly was put on a train to be sent to Auschwitz, the train couldn’t get through cause of the tracks had been bombed in allied air raids. The train was instead diverted to the concentration camp in Austria. When the camp was liberated in April 1945, eighteen year-old Lilly was barely alive. Lilly Klein Died in July 14, 2003 when she was 76 years old. http://www.graceproducts.com/fmnc/klilly.htm Survivor of the Holocaust She lived with her mother and seven siblings. Lilly Klein One and a half million Jewish children were murdered by the Germans and their collaborators during the Holocaust. Lilly was one of the few, who survived. www.museumoftolerance.com Thank you for watching my prezi
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