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Ethan Watt

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of pet's

Types of pets
There are many types of pets. The most popular is the cat and dog. But you can also have other pets like Bunnies, Fish, Horses, Birds Guinea Pigs and many more.
There are many types of Dogs. The smartest dog is the Border Collie. The biggest dog is a Great Dane named Zeus. Smell is very important for a dog.
Dogs communicate with each other by leaving sent marks (e.g. on a tree or post). Some dog help farm workers and help to protect and herd the animals. But if you want a small dog you might want to get a toy dog witch is usually a smaller version of a bigger dog.
Bunnies :)
Bunnies are small mammals that are not to hard to look after. But if you want a Bunny as a pet you should look at the costs of looking after one. To feed them you should give them fresh fruit and vegetables. They might have to have surgery some time in there life, which does cost a lot of money, but they are a very good pet to have.
Cats :P
Guinea Pigs
Pet food
Pet facts
Did you know that the two most popular pets are the cat and dog.
Did you know that the smallest breed of dog is the Chihuahua and the biggest is the Irish Wolfhound.
Did you know that any marking on a horses head is called a star, even if it looks nothing like a star.
Did you know that the smartest breed of dog in the world is called the Border Collie.

Irish wolfhound
The Guinea Pig is a mammal that belongs to the rodents, a large group that includes mice and squirrels. Guinea Pigs are kept as pets world wide. While cavies
(wild Guinea Pigs) have brown or grey fur, domesticated Guinea Pigs have many different colours. There fur can be short or long as well as smooth or coarse.
How can pets help people
German Shepherds are intelligent dogs and respond well to training. They have a keen sense of smell. Their defence skills are used for police work and to guard people and some times people buy them as a pet. Dogs can help people with disabilities (e.g. used as a guide dog). Hearing dogs help people that are deaf, e.g. they alert the owner when their name is being called or a smoke alarm goes off and many more. Pets can also help people with depression.
There are all sorts of food for different
types of pets. To train pets you can use a treat or a food they really like. but some human food is dangerous so only give pets food that is meant for them.
Cats are smallish mammals. There often called a housecat when kept in doors. Cats are very common pets. Cats have very good senses and are very quick and they walk around a lot. At night they can see a lot better than humans. Even though they can defend for themselves, it is not recommended letting your cat roam around outside of the house.
There are many species of birds but only some you can keep as a pet. They can also be a lot cheaper than most pets. Birds use their beak to help them climb up stuff. They have 2 clawed feet, with 4 toes on each, 2 pointing forward and 2 pointing back. If you want to have a Bird, make sure you have a large lead free cage but don't keep them inside the cage all the time, they need exercise to.
What is a pet
A pet is an animal kept and looked after by a person. People usually get a pet that will be best for them. Pets usually have a companionship with there owner/owners and some times help them. Pets can come in all different shapes and sizes.
Ferrets love to have fun and they are very curious. BUT if you want to get one be careful, they are illegal in some states. They have very flexible spines. CAUTION: make sure your house is Ferret proof. If you have the flu be careful ferrets can catch it and it can be lethal. They can be great indoor pets. They are prone to cancer.
Hedgehogs have up to 5 to 7000 quills on there back. They should have a big cage. They usually live up to 3 to 5 years. They are prone to cancer and they are not the best pet for a family with small children but they are a great pet to have.
Thanks for watching my project
My project is on
pets 101 hedgehogs
pets 101 ferrets
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