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Irene Mozdir

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Pupil's plan (5 class) Warm-up Good morning,children!!! Today we have very interesting topic to deal with, called "Animals". We are going to visit a wonderful country of different animals (some domestic and wild ones). Each pupil will have an opportunity to talk about animals they like most of all, do funny activities and get some new knowledge. Let's start our lesson with the series of warm-up activities concerning animals . Look at the blackboard and repeat after me. A doggy with a bone Oh, I wish I was a doggy with a bone
Oh, I wish I was a doggy with a bone
Oh, wouldn't I delight, I would howl day and night
Oh, I wish I was I doggy with a bone That will do. After practicing a bit let's move to the other one activity we have to solve. Each of you have a copy. Your task is to find and cross out the words you have below the table. Do you know all these animals? What are their names? (each pupil has cards with animals. After naming one of them he goes to the blackboard and stick it). Guess my name Would you like to have a pet??? Choose the right animals are supposed to be as pets. Colour one of these pictures. Zoo adventure Have you ever visited zoos? What animals did you see there? Which of them did you like most of all?
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