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60 iPad Apps for Teaching Success in 60 Minutes

No description

Barry Brantley

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of 60 iPad Apps for Teaching Success in 60 Minutes

60 iPad Apps for Teaching Success
in 60 Minutes Review of the impact of emerging technology
Impact in Education Overview Countdown
of the top rated Apps:

Teacher Organization
Student Engagement
Student Assessment Technology Impact: Visual Learning Learning Modes of Opportunity Social Media Gamification Personalization Evolved Currencies Digital & Physical Crowdsourcing Game-based learning Connectedness
(Connected Learning) Ideas
for the Classroom Scavenger Hunt Podcasts/Interviews Show & Tell News Reports QR Code Quest Menus Commercials Apps
for Teacher Organization QuickOffice Quora TeacherCast TeacherKit ShowMe ExplainEverything iStudiezPro Educreations iTunesU ClassTime iWorks Foursquare LinkedIn Bento Evernote MagicaliPad Apps
for Student Engagement GoodReader Passbook Notability eTextbooks,
(i.e. CourseMart, Kindle, iBooks) Kayak WordLens PenUltimate Zagat Facebook Khan Academy Flipboard Weather Channel YouTube WordPress Mobile Learn
(Blackboard) Smithsonian Carmen Sandiego Apps for Student Assessment Poll Everywhere Sims City SalesForce Oregon Trail CardMunch ClassQuiz Quizard Flashcards+ Math Blaster GoodReader Mozy SugarSync Facebook TechSpec WorldCardMobile 700,000,000 devices projected in use by 2014 250,000 Apps 88% of all tablet web traffic is iPad Instagram Bulletin Boards MagicaliPad Educationist Magazine
PC Magazine
Tap Magazine Additional
Resources for
Teacher Organization Ideas Dropbox Flashcardlet
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