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DO Now

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of DO Now

Why was probably Constantinople a good place to live?

Support your answer with evidence and reading from the text.

Leave your "Constantinople" HW on your desk to receive credit.
DO Now
September 23, 2014
Constantinople is the

capital city of the Roman Empire.

It was founded by Emperor

In Constantinople, the language and culture were inspired by the
In the time period that we are studying, their religion was Eastern Orthodoxy, a type of
What are 3 benefits (good things) of living in Constantinople?


It is part of the Eastern Roman Empire, also known as the

Constantinople is in the modern day country of

Today, we call it
Reading Review 2
2. The city's language and culture were_____________

A. Latin
B. Roman
C. English
D. Greek
Reading Review 1
1. Constantinople is a ____________

A. Country
B. State
C. City
D. Town
Reading Review 3
3. Constantinople had many
opportunities to trade because it
was located
A. Africa and Europe
B. Rome and Africa
C. Europe and Asia
D. Africa and the US
Today's Learning Objective
SWBAT create an
convincing Ancient Romans to move to Constantinople, using evidence from the text and using at least 3 vocabulary words.
Poster Guidelines
-Posters should use color and craftsmanship
-Posters must contain these words:

-Byzantine Empire
- Capital City
-Posters should have a catchy slogan.

No voices
Quality work!
Today's Learning Objective
SWBAT create an advertisement convincing Ancient Romans to move to Constantinople, using evidence from the text and using at least 3 vocabulary words.
Pass Back Homework
Exit Ticket: Out of 10 points

Timeline project: Out of 25 points
Sample advertisement
Sample advertisement
Sample advertisement
Do Now - Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Use yesterday's timeline to help you answer the questions
1. What year did the Roman Empire have the largest amount of territory?
2. Who was Emperor when Rome was its largest?
3. This was the name of the empire that conquered the Eastern Roman Empire.
4. This was the year the Roman Empire split into East and West.
5. This was the year the Empire began.
Do Now - Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Was Diocletion Smart or Stupid?
Using evidence to determine whether Diocletion
helped or hurt the empire.
Rate yourself (1-5) on how well you think you achieve these Humanities class norms:
1. Silent Coyote up within 10 seconds.
2. Voice off while Silent Coyote is up.
3. Eyes facing forward within 10 seconds of when Ms. Merwin asks.
4. Being a team player and supporting others.

5. Creating an environment where everyone can learn.
Was Diocletion Smart or Stupid?
Learning Objective
SWBAT determine whether Emperor Diocletion helped or hurt the Roman Empire using evidence from a secondary source text.
What are some elements of an advertisement?
Memorable slogan
Do Now - Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Use complete sentences
Someone who works for the government

People living in the Western Roman Empire

An advertisement

Convince people to move to Constantinople!
Pass Back Quizzes!
Part 1: Roman Empire
Less than 7 points?
You can try again next week during our in-class quiz!
Part 2: Class Routines
Less than 7 points?
Come in tomorrow after school for a re-do!
Out of 10 points
Out of 10 points
Advertisement Scavenger Hunt!
1. TRUE/FALSE: Advertisements must be colored.
2. What is the TASK you are completing?
3. List the three words you should include in your advertisement.
4. Who is the AUDIENCE for this advertisement? (in other words, who are you going to pretend in looking at it?).
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