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Career Connections

No description

Lea Al Huneidi

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of Career Connections

The Designer
Web Design

In his early years, he worked for many different companies such as Coca Cola and CAA. However, now he enjoys running his own business as a freelance web designer.
We interviewed Dan Stramer, a web designer who studied in a school called Camera Obscura located in Tel Aviv.

A web designer is mostly responsible for the styles, objects and overall layout of websites.

Their duties include determining technical requirements, updating websites, creating back up files and solving code problems as well.
A web designer is required to have a bachelor's degree in either computer science, communications or graphic arts.

Web Developer
Web Programmer

He makes sure to work only between 9-5 in order to make time to spend with his family
Web Design
Career Connections
Lea AlHuneidi, Widad Bechir, Karin Grabow, Tessa van Haastrecht & Andrea Dolic
Dan Stramer
Career Choice
While starting a new project, Dan makes sure to ask...
Pros & Cons
Other names for Web Design
Working Hours
Microsoft word
Adobe Dreamweaver
Applications Used on a Daily Basis
Dan's favorite project was...
Dan has always liked the connection between art and technology, which he saw in web design.
He thought it gave him a good opportunity to do what he loves.
Do you already have a website?
What are the goals of your website?
How do your competitors’ websites compare to yours?
What would you like users to do when they reach your website?
1. Having his own work schedule and being his own boss

2. He can choose his own clients and rates
1. Technology advances every day, which means its hard to stay updated on the latest programs

2. He works alone and it gets lonely sometimes.

Building a new website for a foundation that helps premature children for a charity in Israel.

He gifted them with this website because he understands the struggle of having a premature child since his two children were born that way.
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