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COT - 8 Cultural Forces

No description

Michelle Lazarow

on 24 August 2013

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Transcript of COT - 8 Cultural Forces

Marc Light
Assistant Principal
Bialik College
Janis Kinda
Classroom Teacher
COT Facilitator
Bialik College
Michelle Lazarow
Head of eLearning
Bialik College
A Look Into the Future
Who are we?
What do our classrooms say about our learning?
Real World Connection
Visibility of thinking
Think, Pair, Share
Using Twitter in the Classroom
connect to people and get first hand connections, e.g. Egypt Uprising 2011

use outside school examples and bring them into the classroom, e.g. tweeting images to students and getting them to engage in the questions
Real Life Publishing
creating ebooks and sharing with each other, parents, community, or even the world

student voice as contributors - feeling of more validity of published for the world to read?
Technology fostering students to go further
e.g., Khan Academy
Math Games
Are we fostering Industrialized Learning?
Do our classrooms promote collaboration?

Do our classrooms promoted 21st Century skills?
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