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Dual Language Programs

No description

Ana Arcos

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Dual Language Programs

Dual Language Programs
Dual Language Programs not only prepare students to be global citizens, but also enhance their academic achievement as it develops bi literacy


Language and literacy development,math skills, home - school communication , and academic challenge

"Students are exposed to a whole new culture, and they gain appreciation for new things and people."
Dual Language Programs!
Bialystok’s findings show that people who are bilingual are more efficient at multitasking, since the use of two languages gives their brains so much practice at handling multiple processes simultaneously.
Enrichment dual language schooling closes the academic achievement gap in second language and in first language students initially below grade level, and for all categories of students participating in this program. (Collier and Thomas 2004, 1)

Reasons why parents have their children in Dual Language Programs
Goals of Dual Language Programs
*Develop communicative and academic second language proficiency
*Develop primary language proficiency
*Develop academic achievement in all subject areas
*Instill an appreciation for cultural diversity
Key Features
*Both English learners and English proficient students are mixed in the same classroom to promote bilingualism, bi literacy, and multiculturalism
*Students are held to the same high academic standards
*No mixing of languages - language of instruction is separated
*Heterogeneous and homogeneous grouping strategies are used to promote language development and develop literacy skills in English and the target language
Dual Language Programs
Dual language programs (also known as two-way immersion programs) allow English learners and English proficient students to receive instruction in English and a target language in the same classroom to develop academic proficiency in both languages beginning in kindergarten for a minimum of six years.
* To read, speak and write in two languages.
* Because they want their child to be successful in a global society
* They want their child to be more successful in school and they want thier * Would like their kid to be comfortable when relating to other people
As the United States becomes more diverse, and global economies increasingly affect the U.S. economy, language diversity should become increasingly appreciated and bilingualism-biliteracy more widely embraced.
In 1998, bilingual education was being blamed for an achievement gap in the immigrant population and was banned by Proposition 227 (Gracile).
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