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How does your media product represent particular social grou

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Rehnuma Hoque

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of How does your media product represent particular social grou

How does your media product represent particular social groups
The two characters that starred in our thriller opening is a middle aged woman and a teenage girl. Throughout our thriller opening we chose to have a young girl kidnapped rather than an older women due to the stereo typical image of young girls being innocent and vulnerable. We also portrayed how she had an interest in all the stereo typical things that young girls would have an interest for such as make-up and dressing up in front of the mirror. The middle-aged woman was not so stereotypically represented apart from at the end of the opening where the male figure opened the door and she crouched into a protective position which indicated vulnerability. We did not choose a male character to play this role as it would not fit the role as men are not stereotyped to be vulnerable and it would look unnatural for a male character to be in that position due to their fear. Our group also decided for the girl to be kidnapped at a young age rather than at a middle-age as a younger girl is more likely to get kidnapped at that age rather than at a middle-age.

Throughout our thriller opening the female gender was represented as powerless and vulnerable. This became evident as the storyline is based around a girl getting kidnapped rather than a man which shows how in general the female gender is weak appose to a guy getting kidnapped which is less common. There is also a male character who plays the kidnapper who’s identity remains anonymous. He is only presented twice during the opening, both to show intimation and to create fear for the female character. Firstly as we see his hands grab the teenage girl which presents male strength over females. We then understand that he is coming through the door as the middle aged woman crouches into a protective position. This shows how the male figure is intimidating and by the reaction of the middle aged victim, the audience are able to identify that the female gender is represented to be defenceless and weak. We replicated dominant representation of the female gender by presenting how helpless she is and by choosing not to break that stereotypical view on women. This is due to the fact that the sense of realism would be broken if we were to use a male figure to play the victim whilst the female figure to play the kidnapper and furthermore it would not create as much sympathy for the victim as it did by using a female character as the victim.
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