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The Winter of Red Snow

My Book Project

Karoline G.

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Winter of Red Snow

Book Project The winter of Red Snow Characters and Setting Could you imagine living during 1777 and 1778 where starving soldiers walked by shoeless and leaving red marks in the snow from bloody feet? Well this is what it was like in Valley Forge for Abigail Jane Stewart an 11 year old girl who tells a story of how the army changes her life. Doing laundry, cooking, and helping take care of her siblings John, Elizabeth, and Sally is what she did most of the day. She also is very helpful around the house. The main problem is the Revolutionary War itself. Men fighting against men. Soldiers were steeling from people's homes. People had to watch others being hung and killed. The people were frighted.
The solution is that they have to deal with what is going on and they can never stop war. They have to be brave and try to not be scared. Problem and Solution This book is about a girl named Abigail. She lives in Valley Forge in 1777 on the onset of the American Revolution. She lives a very comfortable lifestyle. This soon will change because General Washington and his troops decide to set training up in her town. She learns that war is very brutal and she and her family will have to help the troops. Summary I think the author wrote this book to interest kids with the Revolutionary War and she wanted kids to learn how tough it was for everyone during the war. An example of it is Abigail and her family. A character I would want to be is Abigail because she is a talented and creative 11 year old girl who is very brave and strong. She tries not to be scared when something bad is happening. The Author's Purpose A character i would want to be http://tackk.com/y1whbm

Movie [ a part of the movie]

http://allthingsjohnadams.blogspot.com/search?q=the+winter+of+red+snow My Tackk
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