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Gandhi research

No description

Taylor Duckworth

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Gandhi research

What did Gandhi
do to become famous? Gandhi did a lot of things to become famous. According to Aharon Daniel, Gandhi "started a movement for civil rights in South Africa and succeeded in changing some rules there." Also, Gandhi helped gain India's independence. How did Gandhi win
India's independence? What other important
things did Gandhi do? In 1920, the leader of the Indian National Congress died, and Gandhi took his place as leader. He was also a lawyer in England. Gandhi convinced Indians to use his nonviolence, non-cooperation philosophy to achieve their political rights. They sometimes fasted. Gandhi demanded from the Indians to restrain even if they were physically attacked by British forces. They boycotted anything British. They refused to follow the British law. He urged Indians not to fight. He led the Salt March, which was when Gandhi and his Indian followers illegally made salt from sea-water in protest to tax on salt. Finally, India won its independence in 1947. Gandhi!
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