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Ne perce

No description

Jared Zacharias

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Ne perce

Nez Perce
war conflicts
The nez perce used bows and spears
The nez perce were forced to live at Yellowstone national Park in the war
The nez perce caught and eat salmon
The nez perce eat deer
The nez perce eat buffalo
Lived in the woodlands and mountains
The nez perce were nomadic
The nez perce lived inn settled villages of Earth houses
The nez perce married at 18
The nez perce grew crops
The nez perce women wore a deerskin dress
The nez perce men wore breech clothes with leather

The nez perce lived in in settled villages of earth houses
The nez perces houses were made by digging an under ground room then making wooden frames and a roof
Mostly 3 people lived in a home
The nez perce built tipis
The nez perce had huts
The nez perce moved around alot
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