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The aulos comes first

Musicians in greek images of sacrifical processions

ellen van keer

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of The aulos comes first

Musicians in Greek images of sacrificial processions
Ellen Van Keer
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderziek Vlaanderen
Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels

animal sacrifice
Pyxis - Paris, Cab Med 94 - ca600-575BC
Lekanis - London, BM B80 - ca550-540BC - attr. Skating Painter
the "canon"
Frgs. lekythos - Athens, Nat Mus Acrop 2298 - ca500-490 - attr. Edinburgh Painter
the "variations"
Hydria- Paris, Louvre F10 - ca550BC
Amphora - Munchen 1141 - ca540-520BC - attr. Affekter
Frgs. Skyphos - Athens, Nat Mus, Agora P 2106, 2117, 2190, 2197 - ca540-530BC
Kylix - Paris, Collection Niarchos A031 - ca560-540BC - surr. Glaukytes
Amphora - Berlin F1686 - ca550-530BC - attr. Berlin1686 Painter
Frgs. amphora - Athens, Nat Mus Acrop 816 - ca510-500BC - Leagrosgroup
Pinax - Athens, National Museum 16464 - ca540-530BC
oinichoe - Orvieto 1001 - ca540-530 attr. Amasis Painter
Lekythos - Louvain, coll Mignot - ca500-480BC - attr. Gela Painter
Skyphos - Athens, Nat Mus 12531 - ca510-500 - attr. Heron class
Skyphos - London, BM B79 - ca500-490BC - attr. Theseus Painter
Skyphos - Bologna, Mus Civ Arch 130 - ca. 500-490BC - attr. theseus Painter
Lekythos - London, BM B648 - ca400-480BC - attr. Beldam Painter
Frgs. loutrophoros - Athens, Nat Mus Acr 636 - ca520-500BC - surr. Phintias
Parthenon, North Frieze, Slabs VI-XII - ca442-438BC
(drawings carrey 1674)
instruments & cults
The aulos comes first
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