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How I would implement Continuous Delivery

No description

James Wright

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of How I would implement Continuous Delivery

Thorough utilisation of a code quality management platform (e.g. )
Environment as a Service (EaaS).
Integrate chosen Release Management tool with the/a Change Management System (e.g. )
Move towards more frequent releases with fewer changes. Weekly? Daily?!
Possibility of utilising Blue/Green or Canary release process to support intraday releases. A high level action plan to One Click Deployment Get to know the application(s) :-
System Architecture
Hardware/environment architecture
Where they are in the Development Lifecycle
Third party applications
Security & BCP
Access permissions to environments
How are the applications broken up into components and is the config tokenised? Step 1 : Fact-Finding Determine the current release frequency for each application.
Ascertain the forthcoming release dates. Take ownership of release project plan.
Analyse the component interdependencies and how configuration items are stored and released.
Review existing release process documentation, including rollback plans. Modify & enhance where possible. Step 2 : Take ownership of
the current process Implementation
Automate the release process within chosen release management tool (e.g. ).
Integrate smoke test scripts into automated release process and ensure automated test coverage is thorough & optimized.
Provide/arrange training for staff where necessary.
Acquisition and configuration of additional testing infrastructure (if necessary). Step 3 : Initial Improvements Step 4 : Further Enhancements Identify the points of contact in each team
Development teams
Operations teams
QA/Testing teams
Project Managers Software Configuration Management environment
Version Management System
Branching & Labeling procedure
Test automation tool(s)
Issue Tracking tool (is this linked with the VMS?)
Continuous Integration tool
Internal wiki/Documentation repository
Change Management tool Investigation and Proposal
Liaise with team members to ascertain existing bottlenecks and points of contention.
Has an Agile approach got buy-in and thorough understanding at all levels, including the business stakeholders?
Is Scrum being utilised as effectively as it could be?
Health check lines of communication within teams. How close are they to a DevOps approach?
Draft and present release process enhancement plan, including implementation timelines.
Receive feedback from stakeholders, make adjustments and gain sign off. Q&A
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