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Building Level Data Analysis - Stuart Elementary

No description

Randall Stephens

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Building Level Data Analysis - Stuart Elementary

NCEs Normal Curve Equivalent. Different from %ile score in that the NCE scale is an equal interval scale and the %ile scale is not. Looking at the Value Added Report, which grade level had the highest mean achievement level for 2010? The lowest?
Which grade level produces the most growth in Math in 2010? The least?
In terms of student gains in math, how well did Stuart School perform as a whole in 2010? What is TVAAS? TN Value Added Assessment System
System developed by Dr. Wm. Sanders to determin the level of growth observed from one year to the next.
TVAAS looks at 27 different variables to determine student growth. Why look at TVAAS data? School wide score is a component of the new evaluation system.

Determine strengths and challenges in a effort to help students.
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