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WMS Week 3 Lesson 8 I have butterflies in my stomach

Learn how to express ability and how to ask for clarification.

David Kruchten

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of WMS Week 3 Lesson 8 I have butterflies in my stomach

I have butterflies in my stomach What does it
sound like? Have you ever felt like this before?
Who can tell their story? Can you remember what the boy said when he didn't think he could do it? I can / I can't Yes, he said: "I can't". When someone asks you if you can do something, you can respond with . You can also use: "Sure, I can" or "No problem". If you ask a question like that about someone else or a group of people, we use "he / she / it / they / we". Let's practice... Can he ride a bike? Can she sing well? No, he can't. Yes, she can. Can they sing well? No, he can't. NOW, it's time for you to make some questions to go with the anwers in the pictures. Can ___________? Yes, she can. _____________? __, he ______ _____________? ___,_________ RIGHT, by now you should be really good at this. Turn to page 100 in your T/B and let's see who is the best Overman.

You need to ask your friends some questions about their abilities. So... Who was the best
Overman in your group? ? Pardon me?

I beg your pardon?

Excuse me?

What did you say?

I'm sorry? Three tickets,please. It's 50 dollars. My phone number is 601 4795. So let's practice asking for clarification. Let's look at a sample dialogue first. Excuse me. Where are the flowers? Pardon me? Where are the flowers? Oh, they are just over the hill. Thank you. What did I say when I didn't hear
what you said??? Today's Idiom Butterflies in my stomach What happens next? I think the dog will wash the dishes,
because they are dirty. bark growl bite wag drool
cat chase clean bath lick I think the ____ will _____, because____. noun verb I have butterflies in my stomach, because of my test. to be nervous or anxious/excited Excuse me. Three tickets, please. Pardon me? Three tickets, please. OK, here you go. Thank you. Excuse me. How much is this? Pardon me? How much is this? It's 50 dollars. Thank you. Excuse me. What is your phone number? Pardon me? What is your phone number? My phone number is 601 4795 Thank you.
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