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Jose De Jesus Lugo Pereznuñez

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Second Plaza This place has an orthogonal and symmetric design, it's a closed area, it has a cover made out of metal structure, it's located in the middle point of the classrooms, it doesn't have much vegetation.
This area is Fresh and functional. This is a small place, it's situated behind the faculty's stationery, there are four palms, also there is a sculpture made out of bricks and concrete, there are illumination provided by two lamps. It makes a relaxed environment. I personally found this place uncomfortable because the tables are old and dirty, there are no tacos and they refuse to give me napkins :c Cafeteria A NICE WALK BY THE FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE c: This is a big place situated on the front side of this faculty , there are work tables which may be used by the students to make models, draw some sketches, and use the computer. The floor is made out of paving stone, also it has a nice design. Main plaza The Parking Lot this is the first place thath you can see since you arrive to the faculty, its a bit small, its private because only the teachers and V.I.P. personal (Lily & Doris) can use it. The floor is designed with paving stone, and its an open area with vegetation surrounding it. The colors of the floor are red and grey There are flowerpots color yellow and blue. Green Area there also are two side walks to
communicate some areas surrounding the design of this establishment is old, and there are always people smoking ¬¬ ...That's why i buy with Doña Irma there are to many vegetation and a few umbrellas Lugo Pereznúñez José De Jesús
Group 6
Fourth Semester
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