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Locations/Settings of The Sun Also Rises

No description

Avi Tsang

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Locations/Settings of The Sun Also Rises

Locations/Settings of
The Sun Also Rises

San Sebastian

in the
Right Bank
"Students went by going up to the law school, or down to the Sorbonne". (43)
Sorbonne: University of Paris

"All along people were going to work. It felt pleasant to be going to work. I walked across the avenue and turned in to my office". (43)

Value of work
Left Bank
"The dancing-club was a bal musette in the Rue de la Montagne Sainte Genevieve. Five nights a week the working people of the Pantheon quarter danced there. One night a week it was the dancing-club". (27)

Value of idleness
La Rive Gauche
La Rive Droite
Paris Today
"Bayonne is a nice town. It is like a very clean Spanish town and it is on a big river". (96)

"A breeze started to blow, and you could feel that the air came from the sea. There were pigeons out in the square, and the houses were a yellow, sun-baked color. and I did not want to leave the cafe". (97)
"The trees were big, and the foliage was thick but it was not gloomy. There was no undergrowth, only the smooth grass, very green and fresh, and the big gray trees well spaced as though it were a park". (122)
Irati River
"Way off we saw the steep bluffs, dark with trees and jutting with gray stone, that marked the course of the Irati River". (122)
Relationship Between Jake and Bill
""Say," Bill said, "what about this Brett business?"
"What about it?"
"Were you ever in love with her?"
"For how long?"
"Off and on for a hell of a long time."
"Oh, hell!" Bill said. "I'm sorry fella."
"It's all right," i said. "I don't give a damn any more."
"REally. Only I'd a hello of a lot rather not talk about it."
"You aren't sore I asked you?"
"Why the hell should I be?"". (128)

San Sebastian
"There was a green mountainside beyond the roofs". (238)

"The tide was about half-way out. The beach was smooth and firm and the sand yellow". (238)
San Se
"Well, that meant San Sebastian all shot to hell. I suppose, vaguely, I had expected something of the sort". (243)
"The tall gray motor-buses were the only life of the square except for the pigeons and the man with a hose who sprinkled the gravelled square and watered the streets". (154)
Festival(fiesta) of San Fermin
"The fiesta was really started. It kept up day and night for seven days. The dancing kept up, the drinking kept up, the noise went on". (158)
Religious fiesta that is held annually from July 6 to July 14 in honor of Saint Fermin.
Main events are Riau-Riau, running of the bulls, and bullfighting.
Mass activity where particiapants march the chapel dedicated to Saint Fermin while dancing to waltz.
"All we could see of the procession through the closely pressed people that crowded all the side streets and curbs were the great giants, cigar-store Indians, thirty feet high, Moors, a King and Queen, whirling and waltzing solemnly to the riau-riau". (159)
Running of the bulls
The bulls and steers of the bullfight are moved from outside the city into the bullring.
People run in front of the bulls and steers as a tradition.
"Suddenly a crowd came down the street. They were all running, packed close together. They passed along and up the street toward the bull-ring and behind them came more men running faster, and then some stragglers who were really running. Behind them was a little bare space, and then the bulls galloping, tossing their heads up and down". (164)
"He took him out softly and smoothly, and then stopped and, standing squarely in front of the bull, offered him the cape. The bull's tail went up and he charged, and Romero moved his arms ahead of the bull, wheeling, his feet firmed". (221)
"The bull watched him. Romero spoke to the bull and tapped one of his feet. The bull charged and Romero waited for the charge, the muleta held low, sighting along the blade, his feet firm". (224)
Traditionally, three matadors each fight two bulls, and they enter the ring with a cape and a sword. The swinging of the cape attracts the bull to run into the direction. The matador succeeds if the bull is killed.
"I saw the Escorail out of the window, gray and long and cold in the sun, and did not give a damn about it. I saw Madrid come up over the plain, a compact white skyline on the top of a little cliff away off across the sun-hardened country". (243)

"The Norte station in Madrid is the end of the line. All trains finish there. They don't go on anywhere". (244)
Madrid in the 1920s
Madrid Today
Works Cited
Google Images

Fishing in Burguete
"As I baited up, a trout shot up out of the white water into the falls and was carried down. Before I could finish baiting, Another trout jumped at the falls, making the same lovely arc and disappearing into the water that was thundering down". (124)
Avi Tsang
Period 4
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