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Brasilia Travel Brochure

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Nick Morlett

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of Brasilia Travel Brochure

Brasilia Travel Brochure
By Nick morlett
Brasilia: Brazil's capital
Brasilia came to life when Ex-President Juscelino Kubitschek made a competition on April 21, 1960, he invited architects to work on projects for the city and present them to him. They ended up making wonderful architecture that makes it one of the most original cities.
The unique architecture of Brasilia is the result of much planning from architects and is fascinating. some places you can visit are Three Powers Square buildings, which is home to Brazil's government buildings. Also, you can visit the Cathedral of Brasilia, which is the most visited place in Brasilia, it is a sight to see.
Brasilia is home to many natural environments that are fun to visit. Places like the Botanic Gardens, Salto do Itiquira waterfall, or the Brasilia National Park are great to visit and cool off on your vacation.
Brasilia is the 4th most populated city in Brazil, with an estimated 2,852,372 people as of 2014 and is growing quickly. A major industry in Brasilia is construction, along with others. The architecture of this city has a big influence on the people living there because it is so incredible.
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