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Transportation (Ch 10)

No description

Jessica Abshire

on 5 February 2018

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Transcript of Transportation (Ch 10)

What state is this?
Turnpikes in WV!
Settlement was slow because there were no roads on which people & their wagons could travel!
James River and Kanawha Turnpike, aka Midland Trail, follows
Route 60 & Interstate 64

Portion of National Road from Cumberland, MD to Wheeling in western VA follows
Route 40

Canal System
Hunters, trappers, & explorers crossed the Appalachian Mountains by following
Indian Trails

When settlers & farmers started to arrive, however, they needed better ways to move their belongings. Each improvement opened up western Virginia to
as well as
industrial development

It took
50 years
before western Virginia was joined to the eastern part of the state by good roads.
The first public road in present-day WV was in the eastern panhandle, running from
Winchester, VA
to the home of Morgan Morgan near
As roads were built,
property owners
were, at first, expected to keep them up. Responsibilities included:
devote a certain number of days to roads
filling mudholes
making other improvements to ensure comfortable travel
Establishment of system of
(fees) that were charged those who used the roads = money used for maintenance.
Northwestern Turnpike was completed from Winchester to Parkersburg - still in use today as
Route 50
Stopovers: Inns or Taverns
Restops along turnpikes and other highways.
Laws regulated prices for food & lodging.
Breakfast - 33 cents
Dinner - 37 cents
Lodging - 12 cents
Social class was not observed in inns/taverns.
Travelers may share bed/room with a stranger.

Greenbrier started as an Inn.
Ferries were the main means of crossing large rivers. Many westerners complained about the
& the
interruptions in service
covered bridge
began to be used by American bridge builders & designers.
Before the entire system could be completed, however, the canals were outdated.
Flatboats - could only go
James Rumsey tested steam-powered boat on the
Potomac River.
Early trains were drawn by
& did not gain importance until steam was used to power them.
was chosen as the Ohio River terminus for the B&O Railroad. Northwestern Virginia Railroad extended from Grafton to
At first, few pioneers crossed the mountains into western Virginia.The Transportation Revolution brought
to the region and
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