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Stonewall Jackson

No description

Nick Penza

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Stonewall Jackson

Stonewall Jackson Born Thomas Johnthon Jackson Born on January 21,1824 Had tough childhood Was accepted into West Point in 1842 Graduated 17th of his class out of 59 students Fought in the Mexican-Amercian War were he first met Lee After the war he got a job at VMI He married twice and had only three kids two died soon after birth, but the 3rd daugther lived longer At the start of the war he was drill master but after The Graet Train Raid of 1861 he was made brigadier general Jackson rose to prominecne and earned his nickname at the First Battle of BullRun. When the lines were falling apart his bridage stood there ground and stopped the Union assult. Later on he stop Union force trying to go thougrh the Shenandoah Valley to rienforce McCellean during the Pennisula Campiagn Jackson and his men then joined Lee to push the Union back up the pennisula thourgh Jackson wasn't at his best during The Seven Days Battles At the Second Battle of Bull Run he and his troops withstood Union assaults as they whated for the rest of the army to join them He and his men agian fought bravely at Antietam but sadly they were forced to retreat At Fredericksburg they agian thought bravely and fought off a strong assault on the right flank At Chancellorsville (Lee's greatest victory) Jackson was order to attack the right flank. Scouts found the right flank sitting around. He and his men then silently marched then charged at the right and pushed them to center of there line. While returning to camp that night a friendly unit mistook them for the enemy and fired. Jackson was hit two in the right arm and one in the left hand. They had to amputate his left arm and was then rushed to Richmond. Sadly he contracted pneumonia and died outside Richmond. He's last words were,"Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees" Jackson is buried at Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery, Lexington, Virginia with the amputated arm buried in western Virginia The Confederacy deeply mourned the lost of Jackson. Lee him self felt as he had lost his right arm. Jackson death would be a contributing factor in the loss of the war Jackson was a deeply religous man and like me was a hypochondriac. He was very disciplined military man and and one of the most gifted tactical commanders in the New Worlds history His horse's name was Little Sorrel but he was a terrible horseman. He was neutral when it came to the slavery issue. As a much beloved person Jackson has many memorials to him. He has statue on Mounment Avenue in Richmond and one at the barracks of VMI. A few navy ships were named after him. His birthday and Lee's are celebrated in Virginia. The greatest memorial of cause is at Stone Mountain. Jackson, along with Lee and Davis on there horses are craved into the side of the mountain. Thank you for watching
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