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No description

Jason Sanchez

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of Marijuana

Marijuana Legalization
English 1302
Deena Barnett & Jason Sanchez
Reasons to Legalize
Medicinal Use
Economic Growth
Reduced Incarceration
Recreational Freedom
George Washington Grew It!
Reasons not to Legalize
Hysterical Propaganda
Legality of Marijuana Currently
Federal Controlled Substance Act

Realistic Criticism
Patchwork of State Marijuana Laws
Applications of Medical Marijuana
Marijuana Used for Pain Caused by Multiple Sclerosis
Marijuana Being Used to Mitigate the Effects of Chemotherapy
Marijuana Helped Stop Child's Seizures
Reduced Spending on Drug Enforcement and Incarceration

Drug Trafficking is Not
Smoking Marijuana is a Victimless Crime
Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol or Tobacco
Deaths from Alcohol 88,000 per year
Deaths from Tobacco 480,000 per year
Marijuana is not Chemically Addictive
Economic Growth Possibilities
First Day of Legalized Sales in Colorado
Marijuana Arrests Since 1965
Freedom of Recreational Marijuana
Denver 4-20-2014
Before the Controlled Substance Act
Woodstock 1968
Cheech and Chong
John Lennon
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