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Latin & Greek roots, ject = throw

No description

Charley Draheim

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Latin & Greek roots, ject = throw

Reject (V)
to throw something out because its defective and can NOT be fixed
Interjection (N)
A word thrown into a sentence or conversation
Trajectory (N)
The curved path of a object thrown into space
Jettison (V)
To throw goods overboard to lighten the load on a boat or an airplane
projector (n)
a machine that throws an image onto a wall
dejected (adj)
to feel sad; to feel thrown down and spirit

Eject (V)
To throw out
Projectile (N)
An object thrown into the air with great force
Injection (N)
A shot; the throwing of medicine into the body by a needle
subject (V)
To throw oneself under someone else's rule
Latin & Greek roots
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