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The Outsiders: Crimes and Criminals, Parents and Parenting

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Jessica Ishak

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders: Crimes and Criminals, Parents and Parenting

The Outsiders: Parents and Parenting, Crime and Criminals
Parents and Parenting
Parents and Parenting
Parents and Parenting
Ponyboy's parents died in a car crash shortly before the story starts. (That's part of the exposition.) Since that time, Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry have been living on their own. Darry the oldest brother is trying to keep the family together. Pony Boy's parents were said to be the perfect parents to him, Sodapop and Darry. Ponyboy has a few dreams about his parents and thinks about how things and his life would be if his parents were still alive he misses him so much he wants them back. Their life would be better if they were still alive. Ponyboy's parents led him to be somewhat successful but in their early death they caused them to be a lot older than they should be.
Crime and Criminals
Crime and Criminals
Crime and Criminals

Johnny's parents were very hostile towards Johnny and themselves. His father used to beat him up and his mother cussed at him and ignored him in his time of need. they didn't seem to notice if he was in his house or out in the streets. They also seem to fight a lot and it seems to tear Johnny up in the inside. At a young age he took up smoking and worshiped a criminal (Dally). His mother at the hospital she seemed to think that because of all the trouble that they caused to her and his father is that is was their reward to see Johnny in agony, it shows us how unloving his parents are.
Dally's parents didn't care about anything that happened to him, they were unloving so at a young age Dally became tougher and more mature. He feels as if nobody loves him and the only reason that he was still breathing was so that Johnny didn't become like him, tough and mean. This shows that because his parents were unloving he didn't know how to react to the fact that Johnny was dead and ended up taking his own life.
Bob's parents loved Bob so much that they let him get away with anything. They didn't realise the damage they were causing him. They eventually lost all control of the child and Bob went on beer parties and walked around the streets at night drunk. One night he came home so drunk that he was sure he was going to get yelled at but his parents just blamed themselves and only made Bob even more drunk and violent
Parents and Parenting
-Sneaking into Cinema: Pg 25
-Johnny stabs Bob: Pg 68
-Dally robs General Store: Pg 185
-The Rumble: Pg 174

Parents and Parenting
-Johnny's Parents: Pg 63
- Dally's Parents: Pg 107
-Bob's Parents: Pg 142
-Ponyboy, Soda and Darry's Parents: Pg 59
Crime and Criminals
Sneaking into the drive inns is where the whole problem really starts and when the commit there first crime in the movie. It’s also when they met Cherry and her friend and when they didn’t become very good people in Bob’s book. It’s when we also learn about Pony, Johnny and Dally’s personality and how they act around girls. They all had the money to get in legally but Dally liked to do things the illegal way to show how tough he was. This was an important part to use because it shows the boys true colors and how they treat woman.
Johnny stabbing Bob is when the whole situation flipped upside-down very quickly and when they were forced to run away and hide, they did this because they didn’t want Johnny to go to jail/get the chair. The only reason Johnny stabbed Bob is because the Soc’s where drowning Ponyboy and Johnny wanted to help him. Bob was also the guy that had jumped him and given him a scar on the face. His also the guy that made him carry a switchblade for safety after the incident. This is an important part because it shows us that Johnny can be violent if forced into a situation but is remorseful.
Dally robbed the store right after he found out that Johnny died. He robbed it because he didn’t want to live on anymore, Johnny was the only person he cared about and wanted to join him in the afterlife. He knew when he pulled out his gun that was empty they would think it was loaded and he was going to kill them/shoot at them so they shot at him first. He got shot a few times and then died, just like he wanted. This is important because it shows us that even though he is a criminal he can still care for people
Crime and criminals
The rumble was set to happen the night that Pony and Johnny had decided to come back and hand themselves in (Except they went to the church and helped the kids). But because of that Johnny couldn’t join in because he was in a really bad state in the hospital. But the fight still happened without Johnny. Dallas and Ponyboy were able to make it though. The greasers won the fight and that decided that the Soc’s weren’t allowed in the greaser territory anymore. Then Dally took Pony to the hospital and they told Johnny what happened then Johnny said that fighting was useless. This is important because it shows that they really care about the place they live in and want to keep their turf.
By: Tom Bellink, Jessica Tawadrous, Lachlan Beveridge & Blane Zemunik
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