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Lecturing is not Dead

No description

Floyd Freeman

on 27 September 2018

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Transcript of Lecturing is not Dead

What is a Prezi
Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual canvas
How can I use Prezi in my classroom?
Prezi is at the
top of Blooms
Digital Taxonomy
You can use Prezi in your classroom in many ways.
1) You can use prezi's already created for your subject.
3) You can have students use them in class to
create, expand, or collaborate on ideas.
2) You can create your own.
Why should I use Prezi in my class?
4) Use it for homework help and study review
5) Prezi's are online so students can't blame you for lost content or not learning (Dog can't eat the internet)
1. What just happened to Hamlet?
2. What inferences did he just make?
Explain what just happened in this video
to your partner, then answer the questions
on your worksheet about it.
The ISD of the Future
or the Present
Writing or English
Don't worry if you have a lot of powerpoints you can convert it to Prezi.
Class this our next song we will play. Learn it by Monday March 1.
If your computer are a little slow
For Iphone
An Ipad
Apps that you can you for your classroom

Floyd Freeman
Danny Jones Middle School
Mansfield ISD

When you think of education technology
in the classroom, most people think of the computer
lab or if you are lucky ipad lab.
Today I want to show you technology that you can
use in your classroom that will be very low cost
or in most cases free.
We are already a BYOT campus so
you might as well use it for your
advantage. Students are going to
use their phones in your class, might
as well use it to your advantage.

Please download
Student and Teacher apps.
We will only use student version
today. Go to room 820767
QR Code Reader
If you have a smart phone please go to your app store
If you have an apple product such as an Iphone go to the app store

If you have a android phone go to the google play store.

Prezi viewer

Smart office lite free version
(View Microsoft products on

Groovy Grader (Apple)
IGrader (Apple + Android)

Quizlet (Apple or Android on internet)

CamScanner (Apple +Android)
My Scan Free (Apple)

Google Drive
Google Maps
Google Translate

Heads Up Training
Heads up is the fun and hilarious game from Ellen DeGeneres that she plays on her show, and you can now play with your friends.
You can download the game from the Itunes store or Android market.
Today I will show how you can
bring this fun game to you students

Once you have download the game
The game does cost $.99
Go to the categories in the app
Buy the Build you own deck for $.99
Their is a new head up
game called Heads up Pic
where you play with only

Lecturing is not Dead:
Ways to Make Your Lecture Fun Again
Great Teacher Traits
A Good Personality. ...
Deep Knowledge of Subject
A Good Communicator. ...
A Good Listener. ...
A Good Sense of Humor. ...
When you create your own Prezi, your imagination can go wild
You can include movie clips or
Youtube videos
U.S. Missions
Cost for prezi
Make sure you are using prezi classic
but you can also use prezi next.
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