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Teacher Institute 2017

No description

Jennifer Sajovec

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of Teacher Institute 2017

Guiding Growth...
About Me....
Contact Information:
Jennifer Sajovec, M.Ed.

Phone: 847-824-3380 Ext 3380

4th Year with Concept Schools
In Education for 19 years
(Kindergarten, Reading Specialist, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade Enrichment, Kindergarten Interventionist)
BS in Elementary Education, Valparaiso, University,
MA In Educational Leadership and Organizational Change
Grew up in Calumet City, IL (near southside of Chicago)
Married for (almost) 17 years
Two sons (Jack-entering 7th, Will-entering 4th)
A few of my
favorite things...
And then there's this guy....
Participation Earns You Tickets!
Site Visits , Model Lessons, Observations with Feedback
Other? What would you like to see?
Instructional Guidance
Website: Conceptschools.org
What We Offer...
Breaking Down the Literacy Block
Critical Elements
Connecting the Resources
Guided Reading
Shared Literacy
Phonemic Awareness and Phonics (Spelling)
Vocabulary (content and sight words)
Independent Reading
Guided Writing
Modeled Writing
Independent Writing
Balanced Literacy Block
Math Block with Guided Math
Social Studies
K-2 Curriculum
How would you like to experience literacy?
Literacy Plan A
Literacy Plan B
ELA Block-
Textbook Story: A Musical Day
Vocabulary: aunt, band, guitars, music
Guided Reading Text: Nana's House
Writing: Informative-Thank You Note
Science Block:
Textbook: How do animals meet their needs?
Writing: Informative-Animal Adaption

ELA Block-
Textbook Story: Amazing Animals
Vocabulary: amazing, camel, color, dolphin, polar bear, porcupine
Guided Reading: How Many Teeth?
Writing: Informative-Animal Description (Adaption Structures)
Science Block-
Textbook: How do animals meet their needs? (pgs. 98-99)
Trade Books: What if You Had Animal Teeth? and What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

Balanced ELA Block
ELA block is Linked to SS/Science
Buffer 6th Week
Extra Resources (30/week, 160/unit)
Guided Reading Books Already Attached
Social Studies/Science in every 6-week Unit
Main Interdisciplinary Unit Features
Integrated instruction helps teachers better utilize instructional time and look deeper into subjects through a variety of content-specific lens. Another benefit of integrated instruction is that teachers can better differentiate instruction to individual student needs. Integrated instruction also allows for authentic assessment (Barton & Smith, 2000). A final benefit of interdisciplinary teaching is that students have a chance to work with multiple sources of information, thus ensuring they are receiving a more inclusive perspective than they would from consulting one textbook (Wood, 1997).
Foundational Skills/Language
Reading Comprehension
& Fluency
Social Studies/Science
Where ELA Block is tied to Social Studies/Science
Interdisciplinary Units
Curriculum in


Our Concept Website

Send me any you use regularly!
K-2 Resources
password: concept
RtI Binder
Professional Development
Sign Up in SIS
Anything upon Request!
Connect with outside PD
Session Offered in SIS:
South Ohio-October 3-6
North Ohio-October 9-12
Chicago- October 17-19
GSA- October 24-27
IMSA- October 31-November 2
Regional Visit Dates
Twitter: @SajovecConcept
Another New Initiative....
Character Education Curriculum
Character Education
Read Aloud!
Facebook Page: ConceptK2
Goat and Unicorn Bingo
12 Goat
Things that you do/have done that are ordinary
12 Unicorn Squares:
Things that you do/have done that are extraordinary.
Mix them up on your board!
5-10 Minute Math Warm Up
10-15 Minute Mini-Lesson
30-45 Minute Guided Math Groups/Math Stations
10-15 Math Reflection
YES! It needs to be done in a separate block!
Assessment Data (NWEA/Star)
BAS kit (GR levels)
Progress Monitoring
Using all kinds of data for Guiding Growth...
Instragram: @SajovecConcept
Lula Jennifer Sajovec
About You...
One current obsession
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