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Brandon Fasciana 123

No description

Brandon Fasciana

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Brandon Fasciana 123

The Real Story of Louis Riel
By Brandon Fasciana
It is safe to say that without him they would be...
On October 22nd, 1844. History would be made.
This man was born
He had the potential of becoming a priest.
But after the death of his father, things would change.
He would then follow in the political footsteps of his father by supporting the Metis
He was a hero to them in many ways more than one
Not only by becoming Leader
But by maintaining the Metis rights and
organization of the provisional government
Sadly after the execution of Thomas Scott he would flee to safety of the United States
And from there 4 years later he would make his return to Canada
Which for the majority was unsuccessful and led to his trial for treason
He was then sentenced for execution on November 16th, 1885
Ironically in the end he was killed for helping his own people and maintaining his rights
His Legacy will live on forever in the lives of the Metis people
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